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Table 2 Procedural characteristics

From: Transpedal approach for femoral-popliteal chronic total occlusions using the outback® elite re-entry device

Patient Access site Additional access site Intervention site Contrast volume (ml) Stent used
1 Peroneal artery (L) RA (L) TP trunk (L) 80 No
2 ATA (L) RA (L) SFA (L) 35 Yes
3 Peroneal artery (R) RA (L) POP (R) 55 No
4 PTA (L) RA (L) SFA (L) 60 No
5 ATA (R) RA (L) SFA-POP (R) 65 No
6 ATA (L) RA (L) SFA (L) 35 No
7 ATA (L) RA (L) SFA (L) 45 No
8 ATA (R) RA (L) CFA (R) 40 No
9 Peroneal artery (L) RA (R) SFA (L) 45 No
10 ATA (R) RA (R) SFA-POP (R) 40 No
11 ATA (R) RA (L) SFA-POP (R) 70 No
12 PTA (R) RA (L) SFA-POP (R) 50 No
13 Peroneal artery (R) RA (L) POP (R) 60 No
14 Peroneal artery (R) RA (L) SFA-POP (R) 50 No
15 ATA (L) RA (L) POP (L) 35 No
16 ATA (L) RA (L) SFA (L) 35 No
17 Peroneal artery (R) RA (L) SFA-POP (R) 40 No
  1. ATA anterior tibial artery, L left, POP popliteal artery, PTA posterior tibial artery, RA radial artery, R right, SFA superficial femoral artery