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Table 1 Patient demographics, indications, technical details, adverse events, and clinical outcomes

From: Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt creation via isolated persistent left superior vena cava: a case series

Case # 1 2 3
Etiology of Cirrhosis Alcohol HCV HCV
Indication Portal Hypertension Treatment Prior to Major Abdominal Surgery Refractory Ascites Recurrent Hydrothorax
Child-Pugh Class B B C
Known PLSVC No No Yes
Intraoperative Guidance for Portal Vein Access CO2 Portography IVUS IVUS
Stents Used Viatorr 12-mm × 6-cm / 2-cm, Wallstent 12-mm ×  6-cm Viatorr 10-mm ×  6-cm / 2-cm Viatorr 8–10-mm × 8-cm / 2-cm
Pre-TIPS Portosystemic Gradient (mmHg) 18 20 12
Post-TIPS Portosystemic Gradient (mmHg) 7 4 4
Fluoroscopy Time (min) 81.2 20.8 29.1
Radiation Dose (mGy) 1978 506 708
Technical Success Yes Yes Yes
Complications Intraperitoneal Hemorrhage Requiring Transfusion and Angiography (Class D) None None
Revisions POD 1 for stenosis on angiography None POD 31 for elevated velocities on Duplex
Follow-up Duration (outcome) 924 days (transplant, lost to follow-up) 242 days (death) 363 days (alive with persistent hydrothorax)
  1. POD Post-operative day