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Table 1 Overview of the dimensions of the size of the deployment system: Sheath diameter refers to the maximum diameter of the stent deployment sheath, sheath length refers to the length of the maximum diameter, which is frequently limited to the most distal part where the stent is located in the deployment system, shaft diameter refers to the diameter of the proximal part of the deployment system, stent diameter refers to the maximum stent diameter possible with the mentioned deployment system size, stent length was kept 30 mm for all systems. Outer sheath and shaft dimensions of the evaluated stent models

From: Achievable aspiration flow rates with large balloon guide catheters during carotid artery stenting

  Sheath diameter Sheath length Shaft diameter Stent diametera Stent length
Precise 7 mm 5F (1.65 mm) 215 mm 2.9F (1 mm) 7 mm 30 mm
Precise 10 mm 6F (1.98 mm) 215 mm 2.9F (1 mm) 10 mm 30 mm
Acculink 6F (1.98 mm) 50 mm 4.4F (1.5 mm) 10 mm 30 mm
Xact 5.7F (1.9 mm) 240 mm NA 8 mm 30 mm
Protégé 6F (1.98 mm) 270 mm NA 8 mm 30 mm
Casper 5.2F (1.73 mm) NA NA All sizes All sizes
  1. aSheath diameter does not vary with stent diameter for Acculink, Xact, Protégé