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Table 5 Etiology: Type 2 endoleaks

From: Single institutional experience of peripheral applications of a liquid embolic agent: Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer

No.Age/SexLocation of aneurysmPresenting Symptoms (Sx)/signApproachArtery or target embolizedEVOH
Conc. (ml)
Adjunct embolicTechnical Success (TS)Clinical Success (CS)Non Target Embolization (NTE)Complications (Cx)Follow up (FU) CT (days)
175 MInfr-Renal Abdominal aortic aneurysm (IR-AAA) (Fig. 1)↑AAA sacTrans-Arterial (TA)Left L4 Lumbar artery (A.) branches via iliolumbar A. 34(1)NYes (Y)YNo (N)N90
272 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTrans-Lumbar (TL)AAA sac at L3, reflux into L2 arteries34(3)NYYNN30
368 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTLAAA sac, Lumbar A.34(3)NYYNN204
469 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTAAAA sac & Lumbar A. (L4)34(3)NYYNN208
588FRight common iliac artery aneurysm (R CIAA)↑R CIA
TARight circuflex iliac A. branch34(1)NYYNN375
684 MIR AAA↑AAA sac (8 cm)TALumbar A. (L2)34(0.6)NYYNN522
786 MIR AAAChest-abd pain, ↑AAA sacTAPost A. feeding AAA sac, Left hypogastric A. & AAA sac34(4)
887 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTAAAA sac34(6)NYYNN29
988 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTARight iliolumbar A.34(1)NYYNN174
1081 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTAAAA sac34(9)NYYNN418
1184 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTARight iliolumbar A.18(0.5)NYYNN105
1277 MIR AAA↑AAA sacTAAAA sac34(6)NYYNN36
1376 MR CIAA↑R CIA sacTARight superior gluteal A., Inferior division of right IIA, main trunk of right IIA & CIA34(2)CoilsYYNN54
1453 MRight internal iliac artery (R IIAA)↑ R IIA sac, abdominal painTAFour collateral branches of inf. Division of R Lumbar A.(L4)34(0.5)+
NYNANNSurgical resection (Sx Rx)
1592 MIR AAA↑AAA sac, back painTAAAA sac at L4 level34(2) + 18(1)CoilsYYNN190
1668FIR AAA↑AAA sacTAAAA sac34(7) + 18(1)CoilsYNANNLoss to follow up (LTF)
1768FIR AAA↑AAA sacTALumbar A.18(1)NYNANNLTF
1873FIR AAA↑AAA sacTAAAA sac34(9) + 18(1.5)CoilsYYNN411