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Table 1 Review of the 14 negative CTA studies

From: Conventional angiography findings in hemodynamically unstable patients with acute abdominal hemorrhage and a negative CT bleeding study

Patient NumberAge (years)SexClinical presentationConventional Angiogram findingEmbolization treatment delivered
151MaleUpper gastrointestinal bleedNormalEmpiric treatment with Gelfoam
229MaleUpper gastrointestinal bleedActive bleedingGelfoam and metal coils
368MaleUpper gastrointestinal bleedNormalEmpiric treatment with Gelfoam
471MaleUpper gastrointestinal bleedNormalEmpiric treatment with metal coils
556MaleUpper gastrointestinal bleedAbnormal arteriesGelfoam and metal coils
643MaleUpper gastrointestinal bleedActive bleedingMetal coils
775MaleLower gastrointestinal bleedNormalNil
883MaleLower gastrointestinal bleedNormalNil
934MaleExtraperitoneal pelvic haematoma post blunt traumaActive bleedingMetal coils
1037MaleHaematuria post renal biopsyPseudoaneurysmMetal Coils
1172MaleRenal cell carcinoma and haematuriaActive bleedingMetal Coils
1248FemaleHaematuria post nephrostomy insertionActive bleedingMetal Coils
13 –Episode 139MaleHaematuria after percutaneous nephrolithotomyNormalEmpiric treatment with metal coils
13 – Episode 239MaleHaematuria after percutaneous nephrolithotomyAbnormal arteriesMetal coils