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Table 1 CT angiography protocol

From: Efficacy and safety of endovascular therapy for delayed hepatic artery post-pancreatectomy hemorrhage: development of extrahepatic collateral circulation and complications of post endovascular therapy

1. Non-contrast phase
2. Arterial phase
- An automatic power injector was used
- A bolus of 600 mgI/kg of iodine contrast medium was administered at a rate of 3.0–5.0 mL/s for 30 s
- The arterial phase was obtained at 10 s after reaching 150 Hounsfield units, with the region of interest being situated on the aorta, at the level of the celiac artery
3. Delayed phase
- The delayed phase was obtained at 90 s after administering the iodine contrast medium
  1. All CTA images were obtained at end of inspiration. CTA axial and coronal images were reconstructed at a slice thickness of 1 and 2 mm for evaluation
  2. Abbreviations: CTA Computed tomography angiography