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Table 1 Population and treatment demographics

From: Impact of site of occlusion in proximal splenic artery embolisation for blunt splenic trauma

Number of Patients 58
Number of embolisations 59
Age (mean, SD) 51 (21.76)
Gender (M:F, male percentage) 43:15 (76%)
AAST (median, range) IV (III-V)
Time in days to embolisation (median, range) 0 (0–5)
Time in days to splenectomy after trauma (median, range) 7.5 (5–10)
Follow-up imaging (CT; US) 28; 6
Time in days to follow-up imaging (median, range) 3.5 (0–204)
Post embolisation preserved splenic perfusion (number, percentage) 33 (97%)