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Table 1 Characteristics of 22 women with vaginal hemorrhage due to retained placenta

From: Angiographic features and transarterial embolization of retained placenta with abnormal vaginal bleeding

Characteristics n = 22
Age [years; mean (range)] 33.5 (22–44)
Gravidity [n; mean (range)] 2.7 (1–6)
Parity [n; mean (range)] 0.9 (0–2)
Abortion [n]
 Spontaneous miscarriage and dilation and curettage 3
 Termination of pregnancy by dilation and curettage 14
Delivery mode [n]
 Vaginal delivery 3
 Cesarean delivery 2
Gestational weeks
 Abortion [weeks; mean (range)] 9.3 (6–19)
 Delivery [weeks; mean (range)] 29.4 (16–41)
Hemorrhagic event [n]
 Significant bleeding 3
 Continuous small amount of bleeding 19
Hemoglobin* [g/dL; mean (range)] 14.7 (6–14.7)
Size of retained placenta on CE-CT or MRI [mm; mean (range)] 20.9 (5–55)
Interval from abortion or delivery to TAE [days; mean (range)] 44.3 (11–100)
  1. CE-CT contrast-enhanced CT, TAE transarterial embolization
  2. *Red blood cell transfusion was performed in two patients (4, 6 unit)