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Table 1 Endovascular embolisation techniques used in the study

From: Analysis of outcomes of endovascular embolisation: A cross-sectional two-center study on 46 visceral artery pseudoaneurysms

Parent vessel flow preservation

 Sac packing

Only the aneurysmal sac is filled with the embolic material

No parent vessel flow preservation

 Trapping (sandwich, isolation, and front-to-back-door techniques): with or without sac packing

Embolic materials (coils or plugs) are deployed distally and proximally to the aneurysmal neck to isolate the lesion and to prevent retrograde filling from the collaterals. The outflow artery ‘the back door’ is closed first, followed by inflow artery ‘the front door’.

 Inflow occlusion

Occlusion proximal to the aneurysmal neck. It was done when there was no other option to treat the lesion and when angiography confirmed no visible back doors in cases managed by this technique.