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Table 2 Complications of PVE scored by the Clavien Dindo score and the CIRSE score

From: Ipsilateral access portal venous embolization (PVE) for preoperative hypertrophy exhibits low complication rates in Clavien-Dindo and CIRSE scales

Complications Dindo-Clavien Numbers (percentage) Complications CIRSE grading Numbers (percentage)
Grade 1 (Any deviation from the normal postoperative course without the need for pharmacological treatment or surgical, endoscopic and radiological interventions) 11/88 (12,5%) Grade 1 (Complication during the procedure which could be solved within the same session; no additional therapy, no postprocedure sequelae, ...) 4/88 (4,5%)
Grade 2 (Requiring pharmacological treatment with drugs other than such allowed for grade I complications) 1/88 (1,1%) Grade 2 (Prolonged observation including overnight stay (as a deviation from the normal post-therapeutic course\48 h) 6/88 (6,8%)
Grade 3 (Requiring surgical, endoscopic or radiological intervention) 1/88 (1,1%) Grade 3 (Additional postprocedure therapy or prolonged hospital stay (48 h) required; no postprocedure sequelae) 3/88 (3,4%)
Grade 4 (Life-threatening complication (including CNS complications)* requiring IC/ICU-management) 0 (0%) Grade 4 (Complication causing a permanent mild sequelae (resuming work and independent living)) 0 (0%)
Grade 5 (death) 0 (0%) Grade 5 (Complication causing a permanent severe sequelae (requiring ongoing assistance in daily life)) 0 (0%)
   Grade 6 (death) 0 (0%)