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Table 1 Patient data

From: Ipsilateral access portal venous embolization (PVE) for preoperative hypertrophy exhibits low complication rates in Clavien-Dindo and CIRSE scales

  Mean SD
Total patients includeda 88  
Age (years; at the time of procedure) (lower quartile, median, upper quartile) 59/68/74 11
Gender male 60  
Weight (kg) 77 16
Height (cm) 173,4 7,7
BMI (lower quartile, median, upper quartile) 24,7/27,5/31,1  
BSA (Mosteller) (m2) 1,90 0,27
TELV (cm2) 1635 269
Material and methods used
 PVE with Coils/PVA 77  
 PVE with Glue/Lipiodol 11  
 HVE with coils/occluderb 7  
 Colorectal liver metastasis (CRLM)c 43  
 Central bile duct/ Cholangiocellular carcinoma (CCC)d 27  
 Hepatocellular carcinomae 8  
 Otherf 10  
  1. aInclusion criteria were primary or secondary liver lesions planned for extended right hemihepatectomy (ERH). Disease had to be liver dominant, and a tumor board vote had to be positive towards a hypertrophy model and hemihepatectomy. Pre- and postinterventional CT scans, laboratory parameters and biometric data needed to be available to be included. Ninety-five interventions in 88 patients were analyzed. The following patients were excluded from further analysis: 15 patients were lost to follow up or had insufficient scan quality, in 2 patients the retrospective data of the intervention / lab data were incomplete, and in another 2 patients there was an atypical (left) approach. bOne HVE was perfomed within the same session as PVE
  2. cOf the patients with CRLM, 25 had previous surgery (as did all CRLM HVE patients), 3 had radiofrequency ablation (RFA), and 6 patients received FOLFOX or Bevacicumab (Avastin®)
  3. dOf the patients with central bile duct tumors (intrahepatic CCC and or perihilar cholangiocarcinomas (Klatskin)), 5 had prior surgery and 5 had other previous interventions (such as ERCP or PTCD) - in total there were 9 pre-treated patients in this group
  4. eRegarding the patients with HCC, one patient had a previous trans-arterial chemoembolization and none had previous surgery
  5. fRegarding the patients with other malignancies, 3 had previous surgery, 3 and 2 had other pretreatments (Y90 and RFA)