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Table 2 Discordance between AVS and cross sectional imaging according to meta-analysis performed in 2009 which included 38 studies and 950 patients. (Kempers et al. 2009). In cases where CT is non-lateralizing (either because both glands are normal or both glands are abnormal) but AVS is lateralizing, patients would have been inappropriately excluded from potentially curative surgery. In cases where CT suggests unilateral production but AVS shows bilateral production, patients would be subjected to inappropriate surgery. Finally, in cases where CT demonstrates unilateral pathology but AVS demonstrates contralateral pathology, these patients would have undergone wrong side surgery

From: Adrenal vein sampling: technique and protocol, a systematic review

Concordance CT bilateral, AVS unilateral CT unilateral, AVS bilateral CT and AVS unilateral but opposite
62.2% (591/950) 19.2% (182/950) 14.7% (140/950) 3.9% (37/950)