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Table 1 Indications for screening for PA

From: Adrenal vein sampling: technique and protocol, a systematic review

Resistant Hypertension*
Hypertension with a family hx of PA
Hypertension with a family hx of early onset HTN or stroke (<40y/o)
Hypertension with hypokalemia
Hypertension with adrenal adenoma
Hypertension with obstructive sleep apnea^
  1. Guideline recommendations for screening of patients for primary aldosteronism. (Funder et al. 2016): *- Sustained BP > 150/100 mmHg without treatment, > 140/90 mmHg on 3 antihypertensive drugs or < 140/90 mmHg but requiring at least 4 antihypertensive drugs. In one study, 33.9% of patients with obstructive sleep apnea were found to have PA (Di Murro et al. 2010)