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Fig. 1

From: Prostatic artery embolization performed in anteroposterior projections versus steep oblique projections: single centre retrospective comparative analysis

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram (ipsilateral oblique view) of the 5 types of prostatic artery (PA, in blue) origin according to de Assis and Carnevale (de Assis et al. 2015). a Type I, common origin of the SVA and PA. b Type II, PA origin from the anterior division of the internal iliac, independent from and inferior to the SVA. c: Type III, PA origin from OA. d Type IV, PA origin from IPA. e Type V, less common origins, the most frequent of which (presented here) is PA origin from AIPA

SVA-superior vesical artery, OA-obturator artery, MRA-middle rectal artery, IPA-internal pudendal artery, AIPA-accessory internal pudendal artery, IGA-inferior gluteal artery, SGA-superior gluteal artery

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