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Table 1 Summary of our IR simulation course curriculum

From: A prospective study integrating a curriculum of interventional radiology in undergraduate education: a tetra-core simulation model

Team dynamics & the IR teamNon-technical Skills30′1
Catheters and sizing in IRTechnical Skills30′2
Coils, plugs and embolization materialsTechnical Skills30′2
Revision of Vascular AnatomyBasic Science30′1
Suturing StationTechnical Skills30′2
US Guided Venous AccessTechnical Skills30’2
Seldinger TechniqueTechnical Skills30’2
In-vivo Cath Lab StationTechnical Skills30’3
Nephrostomy StationTechnical Skills30’3
X-ray InterpretationApplied Clinical Science30’1
Fluoroscopy Image InterpretationApplied Clinical Science30’1
IR cases and troubleshootingCase-based Discussion30’1