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Table 2 In Vivo Imaging Parameters

From: A technique for intra-procedural blood velocity quantitation using time-resolved 2D digital subtraction angiography

DSA Swine Scan Injection Rate (ml/s) Injection Time (s) Projection Angle Frame Rate (fps)
All Vessels 2 12 0 30
MRI Swine Scan Spatial Res. (mm) Scan Time (min) VENC (cm/s) Time Frames
All Vessels 1 × 1 × 1 18 100 14
  1. In vivo scan parameters for qDSA and 4D Flow MRI. Identical scans were used for all vessel locations, including: Iliac, right renal, left renal, common hepatic, splenic. MRI time frames is the number of reconstructed volumes for a cardiac cycle. The velocity encoding (VENC) was set to 100 cm/s in order to capture velocities from all abdominal vessels in a single scan