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Table 1 Location and size of the 77 aneurysms included in this series

From: The p48 MW flow modulation device for treatment of unruptured, saccular intracranial aneurysms: a single center experience from 77 consecutive aneurysms

LocationNr.(%)Fundus (in mm)Neck (in mm)Aspect ratio
ICA4 (5.2)
PcomA2 (2.6)541.7
ICA (misc.)2 (2.6)
ACA39 (50.6)
A14 (5.2)6.331.9
A1/A27 (9.1)1.91.71
AcomA20 (26)
Pericallosal8 (10.4)321.4
MCA22 (28.6)
M121 (27.3)
M21 (1.3)321.5
Basilar artery2 (2.6)
PCA5 (6.5)22.60.8
SCA4 (5.2)
PICA1 (1.3)961.5
  1. Abb.: ICA internal carotid artery, PcomA posterior communicating artery, ACA anterior cerebral artery, AcomA anterior communicating artery, MCA middle cerebral artery, PCA posterior cerebral artery, SCA superior cerebellar artery, PICA posterior inferior cerebellar artery, misc. miscellaneous