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Table 7 Etiology: Pseudoaneurys

From: Single institutional experience of peripheral applications of a liquid embolic agent: Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer

No.Age/SexPresenting Sx/signArtery or target embolizedOnyx
Conc (ml)
Adjunct embolicTSCSNTECxFU CT
161 MAbdominal painInferior pancreatico-duodenal A.18(1)NYYNN30
228FAbdominal pain (Fig. 3)Left hepatic A. branch 18(0.6)NYYNN30
334 MAbdominal painR hepatic A.34(0.5)CoilsYYNN37
453 MHematuria s/p L partial nephrectomy (Fig. 4)Third order branch of left renal A.34(1)NYYNN31
538FR pelvic pain s/p total abdominal hysterectomyDistal right uterine A.34(0.8)CoilsYYNN190
629 MAsymptomatic, US surveillance s/p renal BxRight renal A.34(0.5)CoilsYYNN181
774 MHemodynamically unstable s/p L radical nephrectomyLeft renal A.34(0.3)NYYNN248
873 MAbdominal pain s/p right renal tumor resectionTwo third order branches of inferior division of right renal A.34(0.6)NYYNN235
929 MNumbness & loss of dorsiflexion s/p stab injury to anterior calfProximal anterior tibial A.34(0.4)CoilsYYNN30
1022 MRight side hemothorax and pneumothorax after stab injuryRight upper lobe pulmonary A.34(3)CoilsYYNN30
1163 MActive intraperitoneal bleedingSuperior mesenteric A.18(6)NYYNN31