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Table 6 Etiology: Arteriovenous malformations

From: Single institutional experience of peripheral applications of a liquid embolic agent: Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer

No.Age/SexLocation of AVMPresenting Sx/signArtery or target embolizedEVOH
Conc (ml)
Adjunct embolicTSCSNTECxFU
122FUterus↑ vaginal bleedingRight uterine A.18(0.3)NYYNN90
240FUterus (Fig. 2)↑ vaginal bleedingRight & left uterine A.18(0.9)NYYNN90
335FUterus↑ vaginal bleedingRight uterine A.18(0.1)NYYNN30
448FLeft pelvic cavityPelvic painTwo branches of ant division of left internal iliac artery (IIA)& one branch of uterine artery34(0.6)NYNNN90
549FLeft pelvic cavityPelvic painThird order branch of left external pudendal A. and a branch of anterior division of left IIA34(1)NYYNN75
649FLeft pelvic cavityPelvic painFour distal branches of left IIA.34(1.5)CoilYNANNLTF
750FLeft pelvic cavityPelvic painBranches of anterior division of left IIA34(1)CoilYNANNLTF
840FLeft upper
Pain/massDistal branches of ulnar A.34(1.5)NYNANNSx Rx
961 MRight lower
Calf painPeroneal A. branches34(0.6)NYYNN439
1061 MRight lower
Calf painProximal PT branches18(0.5)NYNNN35
1135 FCalf; CongenitalChronic calf painMuscular branch of peroneal A.34(0.3)NYYNN77
1235 FCalf; CongenitalChronic calf painAVM18(1.3)Sotradecol foamYYNN70
1335 FCalf; CongenitalChronic calf painAVM18(3)Sotradecol foamYYNN79
1472FR thigh/ buttockPain, discomfortThree branches of R profunda femoris A.34(0.5)NYYNN90