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Table 4 Distribution by type of filter (Successful withdrawal or failure, as well as filters that could not be removed because the patient died during their hospital stay or for various reasons, were left as permanent filters)

From: Spanish multicenter real – life registry of retrievable vena cava filters (REFiVeC)

Gunther Tulip (Cook)16044,9146 /91,2%2/1,2%9/5,6%2/1,2< 0.01
Optease (Cordis)7721,642/54,5%11/14,2%6/7,7%17/22,0%< 0.01
Celect (Cook)4913,742/85,7%2/4,0%2/4,0%2/4,0%< 0.01
Aegisy (Lifetech339,220/60,6%1/3,0%3/9,0%12/36,3%< 0.1
Option ELITE (Argon)164,411/68,7%1/6,25%1/6,2%4/25%0.05
Denali (Bard)113,087/63,6%0/01/9,0%3/27,7%0.04
ALN Filter (ALN)102,86/60%0/02/201/10%0.04
 356 274172441 
  1. * Patients died before inferior vena cava filter was scheduled for retrieval