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Table 3 Days until the filter was retrieved in each type of filter, either satisfactorily or failed as well as the range (maximum and minimum days for each type of filter)

From: Spanish multicenter real – life registry of retrievable vena cava filters (REFiVeC)

Filter (356)N%Mean days until retrievalRange daysp
Gunther Tulip (Cook)16044,9146/64,62/87,512920< 0.01
Optease (Cordis)7721,644/29,111/48,091298< 0.01
Celect (Cook)4913,742/ 41,12/15119270< 0.01
Aegisy (Lifetech339,220/14,91/1311270.05
Option ELITE (Argon)164,411/32,31/2826410.01
Denali (Bard)113,088/310/026350.04
ALN Filter (ALN)102,88/32,30/0263660.04
TOTAL356   12920