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Table 1 Registry form. Data points included in the registry

From: Spanish multicenter real – life registry of retrievable vena cava filters (REFiVeC)

 Risk factors
Filter indication
Technical dataAccess
Filter type
Filter implantation date
Recovery attemps1,2,3 …
Death before recoveryYes /NO
Anticoagulant treatmentYes /NO
Recovery accessYugular vein (R/L)
Femoral vein (R/L)
Recovery with manufacturer recommended setSet recommended by the manufacturer
Recovery with other maneuversSnare, ballooms, cocodrile clips, grasping
Cause of inability to filter recoverTilt, leg penetration, fibrosis, thrombosis, death, others
Follow-up3, 6, 12 months
Recurrence pulmonary embolism, other causes