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Table 1 Demographic details, target vessels caliber, angiographic pattern, MVP model, eventual other embolics adopted, pre- and post-embolization creatinine values

From: MVP (Micro Vascular Plug®) embolization of severe renal hemorrhages after nephrostomic tube placement

PatientSexAgeTarget ArteryVessel caliberAngiographic patternMVP modelOther embolicsPre-embolization creatinine (mg/dL)Post-embolization creatinine (mg/dL)
1M24Interlobar branch of inferoanterior segmental artery1.9 mmExtraluminal blush3Qno1.151.24
2M42Interlobar branch of inferior segmental artery3.2 mmPseudoaneurysms (3)5Qno0.980.82
3M39Inferior segmental artery2.8 mmPseudoaneurysm with arterovenous fistula5QMicrocoils before plug1.10.91
4F80Inferior segmental artery3.1 mmExtraluminal blush7Qno1.161.21
5F63Interlobar branch of inferoposterior segmental artery1.8 mmExtraluminal blush and arterovenous fistula5Qno4.313.27
  1. M Male, F Female, MVP Micro vascular plug, mg Milligram, dL Deciliter