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Table 1 Patients cohort with antithrombotic therapy and coagulative profile at the time of bleeding (* second bleeding)

From: Outcomes of patients with continuous flow left ventricular assist device undergoing emergency endovascular treatment for atraumatic bleeding

PATIENT N°AGE (years)SEX (M/F)THERAPY (drug (dose))International Normalized Ratio (INR)Prothrombin Time (PT) (%)Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) (s)
243MFondaparinux (5 mg/day)1,563840
349MAspirin (160 mg/day) and Fondaparinux (5 mg/day)1,285224
459FAspirin (100 mg/day) and Fondaparinux (2,5 mg/day)1,106726
563MAspirin (100 mg/day) and Fondaparinux (2,5 mg/day)1,167928
665MFondaparinux (2,5 mg/day)1,049438
753FFondaparinux (2,5 mg/day)1,098432
  1. * indicates the coagulation values of patient 7 during the second bleeding episode