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Table 3 Proximal vs Distal Splenic Embolization in Trauma Patients (Ahuja et al. 2015; Imbrogno and Ray 2012; Schnuriger et al. 2011; Killeen et al. 2001)

From: Review of proximal splenic artery embolization in blunt abdominal trauma

Type When to Perform Goal of Therapy Advantages Disadvantages Embolics Potential Complications
Proximal Multifocal injury
CT laceration without angiographic correlate
Decrease spleen parenchemyal perfusion pressure. Shorter procedure times, lower radiation dose Inability to easily perform future embolization. Coils and/or plugs Coil migrationa
Distal Trauma patients with focal vascular injury Selection of specific injured vessels Selective embolization Increased procedure time, greater risk of infarction Coils and/or particles Splenic infarct and/or abscess formation
  1. aOccurs in < 1% of cases (Haan et al. 2004)