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Fig. 2

From: Endovascular iliac vein reconstruction through an obstructive pelvic nodal recurrence of urothelial carcinoma

Fig. 2

a Venography through the right popliteal venous access demonstrates complete occlusion of the native right iliac veins and extensive collateralization. b the tip of a 0.018″ wire inserted though the common iliac artery ends in the lower aorta (solid arrow). A transjugular metal cannula with a coaxial 21-gauge Chiba needle (dotted arrow) is inserted through the right common femoral vein and is about to enter the IVC which contains a semi-inflated balloon inserted through the internal jugular vein (open arrow). c The tip of a 0.018-in. wire (arrow) inserted through the created channel now ends in the IVC alongside the inflated balloon (open arrow). d Kissing stents were placed through the right femoral vein and internal jugular vein access

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