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Table 1 Case reports found in literature

From: Type III B endoleak leading to aortic rupture after endovascular repair: analysis of errors in follow up and treatment

First Author Years N° of Patient Age AAA diameter (mm) Type Of Endograft Perioperative Complications Signg Of Type III B Endoleak Type III B Endoleak Etiology Graft failure Time From Evar (month) Treatment Of Type III Endoleak
Wanhainen A. 2008 1 77 70 Zenith No complications Abdominal Pain Unknown Holes in the fabric on stent sutures 84 Relining with Exluder graft
Abouliatim I. 2010 1 81 60 Endurant Type I Endoleak treated with re-ballooning II post-operative day angiography Repeated ballooning Fabric rupture 0 Relining with Zenith endograft
Van der Vliet J. A. 2005 1 84 79 Zenith Graft kinking treated with ballooning Intraoperative angiography Endovascular manipulation, excessive balloon pressure Fabric rupture 0 Immediate relining
Brown E. K. 2008 1 89 57 Ancure graft limbs kinking treated with Wallstents DUS findins during surveillance Repeated manipulations? Unknown 72 Relining with aortouniliac Excluder graft
Teutelink, A 2003 2 78 54 Ancure No complications CT findins during surveillance Unknown Fabric rupture 36 Cuff relining with Excluder graft
77 61 Ancure Migration of the graft treated with Wallstent CT findins during surveillance Continuous strain by Wallstent Fabric rupture 30 Open repair
Lee A. W. 2006 1 75 50 Excluder Type IB EL treated with iliac extensions and reballooning Pulsatility in abdomen Repeated ballooning? Unknown 12 Limb relining
Banno 2012 1 86 88 Zenith Type IA EL treated with Palmaz stent Lower back pain Erosion from Palmaz stent? Fabric rupture 27 Two proximal cuffs
Dayama A. 2013 1 71 67 Excluder Type IA EL treated with Palmaz stent Lower abdominal and back pain Erosion from Palmaz stent? Fabric rupture 60 Aortic Cuff and re-ballooning